Work & Strategy

EDAS regularly focuses on a few key policy and practice themes to inform its work programme, communications and events. Focussing on these themes offers the opportunity to bring together policy makers and practitioners from across the public, private and third sectors to explore these topics in a collaborative and open manner.  

Currently, EDAS is focusing its work programme on three themes: Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, Regional Economic Partnerships and the Implications of Brexit on economic development.  Of course, these themes are interconnected with Brexit’s potential implications impacting on growth, and also in our work with the Scottish Government's Scotland's Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth (SCRIG). 

As with all organisations we are trying to understand the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for our work. We recognise that members will be under intense pressure to cope with the economic development consequences of the current emergency and we will try to organise our contribution accordingly.



Inclusive and Sustainable Growth 

Utilising our extensive policy and practitioner network, EDAS has established an Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP allows policy makers and practitioners to explore how best to deliver activities that promote these objectives and help develop a genuine wellbeing economy. For example, a recent event explored the implications of ‘Green New Deal’ type approaches for economic development in Scotland. Our annual conference will focus on ‘People, Planet and Prosperity’.

The Scottish Government is supporting a significant part of this work linking to the Scottish Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth. Recent events have covered focus on Community Wealth Building and Fair Work, future events are being planned for Procurement and Business Engagement.

Regional Economic Partnerships

As more of the economic development agenda is guided by area focussed growth deals, EDAS is exploring the implications for policy and practice in Scotland to give members the opportunity to learn for each other and experience elsewhere. As part of this theme we have collaborated with the Scottish Futures Trust to consider the lessons for Scottish infrastructure and related policy in the context of national and international experiences. We will look to build on this and other collaborations in the future.

Implications of Brexit

Building on our previous work relating to internationalisation and Scotland's place in the world, EDAS will continue to explore the potential impact of Brexit on our economy, trade and investment, economic development funding and specific geographies and industries, including migration and the future workforce. We will also be aiming to provide opportunities to enable members to understand and contribute to the shaping of programmes such as the Shared Prosperity Fund, which will replace existing EU schemes.