Scotland's Economic Future - Disruptive Ideas

Given the increasingly dynamic context in which our membership is operating, EDAS will be posting a range of thought papers - Scotland's Economic Future: Disruptive Ideas. Each paper presents the views of the individual writer concerning Scotland’s economic future. The series of papers was conceived and is coordinated by Alison Hunter and Fabian Zuleeg. Both are based in Brussels and have a keen interest in Scottish and EU policy. 


Institutions, Transition and National Renewal: The Case for a New Scottish Approach (23rd January, 2020)

Author: Dr Robert Pollock. The first paper focuses on the need for institutional change in the Scottish public sector in order to achieve our national ambitions relating to decarbonisation (Read more). 

A Statistical Test of Independence (10th March, 2020)

Author: Richard March. This paper considers the current system of statistics in Scotland and provides a number of options and recommendations that would improve it (Read more).