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Scottish and UK Policy Documents

Scotland's Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026

A ten-year, national social enterprise strategy, which sets out the Scottish Government’s shared ambitions for social enterprise in Scotland, jointly developed with the sector. It provides a framework for action over the next decade.

Scotland's Labour Market Strategy – August 2016

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy provides a framework for the Scottish Government’s approach to the labour market. It describes the actions government will take and how its approach to the labour market will help to drive inclusive growth.

Scotland's Trade and Investment Strategy 2016-2021

The Scottish Government’s updated Trade and Investment Strategy is to drive a shift in mindset with increased global outlook and greater resilience to risk and give business the ability to compete and add the highest amount of value to goods and services

The Government Economic Strategy (Scotland) – March 2015
Reaffirms the Scottish Government's commitment to delivering faster sustainable economic growth with opportunities for all to flourish.

Scotland's Digital Future
Scotland’s Digital Future outlines the steps that are required to ensure Scotland is well placed to take full advantage of all the economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by the digital age.

2020 Export Drive (UK)

A summary of the approach the UK government, with business, is taking to increase UK exports.

Our Economy – Oxfam, 2013

Our Economy is a major report on the Scottish economy published by Oxfam. 


International Policy Documents

Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2016

OECD LEED - This second edition of Job Creation and Local Economic Development examines how national and local actors can better work together to support economic development and job creation at the local level. It sheds light on a continuum of issues – from how skills policy can better meet the needs of local communities to how local actors can better engage employers in apprenticeships and improve the implementation of SME and entrepreneurship policy. It includes international comparisons that allow local areas to take stock of how they are performing in the marketplace for skills and jobs. It also includes a set of country profiles featuring, among other things, new data on skills supply and demand at the level of OECD sub-regions (TL3).

OECD Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurship Workshop

LEED Programme summary report and presentations.

The Missing Entrepreneurs - Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe

An OECD Publication reporting on entrepreneurship activities examines public policies in the EU related to the institutional environment, entrepreneurship skills and financing, as well as the methods of policy delivery.

OECD Online Survey on knowledge to support local development and employment.

Copenhagen Workshop on Skills Development for SMEs and Entrepreneurship Summary Report and Outputs

Capacity building: Developing tourism outside of established localities - Trento, Italy - 26-29 November 2012

Case studies of good economic development practice globally 

The example of Copenhagen in measuring the potential of local green growth
Copenhagen has made considerable progress towards a low carbon future and, as this report shows, this progress can be measured. A local “green growth” indicator framework was developed from the OECD “green growth” strategy at the national level, to better reflect issues of transition that are most relevant for local areas.

Skills Formation Strategies in Queensland 

A new website: the EU Skills Panorama – a tool giving access at the click of a button to relevant information about trends in skills requirements in all EU countries. Click here for the press release.

1. Calgary, Canada – Workshift – telework initiative Click here and here

2. Calgary Career Connect – online tool for immigrants and employers to find job training and support resourcesClick here and here

City of Perth (Australia) Economic Development Strategy

Greater Halifax (Canada) Economic Development Strategy

Case studies from Enterprise Europe

Coast & Glen

Live Native


Cross Party Group on Skills: 2016 - 2021

CPG Skills Minutes 26 October 2016


Cross Party Group on Skills: 2011 - 2016

CPG Skills - EDAS Presentation 4 February 2016

CPG Skills Minutes 4 February 2016

SPICe Labour Market Briefing February 2016

CPG Skills Minutes 19 November 2015

CPG Skills Agenda 19 November 2015

CPG Skills Presentation 17 September 2015

CPG Skills Minutes 17 September 2015 

CPG Skills Agenda 17 September 2015

CPG Skills Minutes May 2015

CPG Skills Presentation February 2014

CPG Skills Agenda May 2014

CPG Skills Minutes February 2014

CPG presentation by Donald MacRae

CPG Skills September 2013 - Agenda

CPG Skills May 2013 - Minutes

CPG Skills May 2013 - Agenda

CPG Skills February 2013 - Minutes

CPG Skills February 2013 - Agenda

CPG Skills December 2012 - Minutes

Summary Paper for the Cross Party Committee on Skills - December 2012

CPG Skills December 2012 - Agenda

CPG Skills October 2012 - Minutes

CPG Skills October 2012 
CPG skills agenda on Oct 2012

CPG Skills May 2012
CPG skills agenda on May 2012

CPG Skills Feb 2012
Draft minutes of CPG skills Feb 2012

CPG on Skills workplan October 2011
Minutes on CPG skills work-plan

EDAS CPG Skills Meeting March 2011
Minutes from CPG Skills March 2011