Past Events

EDAS holds events and conferences on key issues for Scotland’s economic development in areas such as Brexit, Inclusive Growth and Regional Development. Past events have also discussed economic strategy, innovation, internationalisation, skills development, and the labour market.

You can access reports from EDAS’ previous events, including presentations and images for download, on the EDAS Wakelet page.

Alternatively, you can access EDAS' Wakelet event reports below. 

September 2019 - Work Migration, Talent Attraction and the Future for the Highlands and Islands

On September 19th 2019, the Economic Development Association Scotland, Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise hosted a learning event on the future of the Highlands and Islands in the context of Brexit and the declining working-age population in the region.

June 2019 - Community of Practice event: Universal Basic Income

On June 27th 2019, the Economic Development Association Scotland hosted an Inclusive Growth Community of Practice session to discuss Basic Income (BI). Citizen’s basic income (BI) seeks to reduce poverty and increase people’s control over their lives – improving their quality of life and wellbeing and strengthening socio-economic inclusion and justice. This will contribute to realising the vision of Scotland 2030 as a better place for all citizens.

May 2019 - Building Effective Regional Economic Partnerships

On May 29th 2019, the Economic Development Association Scotland and Scottish Futures Trust hosted the first of a series of learning events on Regional Economic Partnerships. Featuring the Scottish Government, the Oxford Economics Report on International REPs and Inclusive Growth in Scotland and a represenative from Danske Regioner. 

March 2019

March 2019

December 2018 - Community of Practice Event: Local and Regional Inclusive Growth 

On 10 December, EDAS hosted a second Inclusive Growth Community of Practice event, this one on local and regional inclusive growth. The speakers at this event were Professor Duncan MacLennan, University of Glasgow, David Waite, Policy Scotland, Derek Whyte, Assistant Chief Executive of Preston City Council, and Andy Milne, Chief Executive, SURF. The event was held in Govan, Glasgow.

December 2018 - EDAS/SLAED Conference 2018

On 6 December, the EDAS and SLAED conference brought together professionals from public, private and third sectors to discuss reimagining and delivering economic development priorities after Brexit.

November 2018 - What is the Future for Regional Funding and Policy Post-Brexit? 

On 28 November, EDAS held a workshop to discuss what the future of regional funding and policy would be post-Brexit, hosted by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. Key speakers included Dr Brian McVey (Scottish Enterprise); Professor John Bachtler (European Policies Research Centre); David Anderson, Deputy Director for Structural Funds and Stephen White, Head of Place Based Economic Development (Scottish Government) and Sarah English (Scotland Europa)

November 2018 - "What's the Big Deal? - City and Growth Deals: Unpacking the Steps for Successful Planning and Delivery" with the IED.

On Thursday 1st November, the Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS) and the Institute of Economic  Development (IED) held their joint event of City and Growth Deals. 

Recognising the demand for a session providing experiential learning and examples of good practice, IED and EDAS co-produced this practical working group-based day on city and growth deals that combined senior level contributions, discussion, working groups and networking. The day concentrated on three areas: 1. Delivering the Vision, 2. Planning for Successful Delivery, 3. Implementing a Successful Deal.

October 2018 - Inclusive Growth in Practice: A Community of Practice event 

On October 23rd, we held our first Community of Practice event on Inclusive Growth, which addressed the theme of Inclusive Growth in Action. The event was chaired by Charlie Woods, and attended by practitioners interested in taking forward the inclusive growth agenda in Scotland. Our event report captures a summary of the presentations on the Scottish Government Inclusive Growth Diagnostic Tool and Asset Map, the application of the Diagnostic in North Ayrshire and the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland as a Project Level example of Inclusive Growth.

June 2018 - Launch of the Inclusive Growth Community of Practice 

On June 19 at the Albany Centre, GCVS, Glasgow, EDAS welcomed economic development stakeholders from public, private and third sectors to the launch of the Inclusive Growth Community of Practice. To help contribute to the achievement of Scottish Government’s twin objectives of boosting competitiveness whilst tackling inequality, EDAS launched the new Inclusive Growth Community of Practice to help members and other stakeholders improve practice in this area.

April 2018 - Brexit: The Impact on the Scottish Economy (Inverness)

March 2018 - Brexit: The Impact on the Scottish Economy (Edinburgh)

On 15 March 2018, EDAS held an event, co-produced with Burness Paull, to hear from Director and the Scottish Government's Chief Economist, Gary Gillespie, and discuss the impact of Brexit on the Scottish economy. 

November 2017 - EDAS/SLAED Conference 2017

On Thursday 2 November, the Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS) and the Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development Group (SLAED) held their joint conference on Economic Development in a Time of Radical Uncertainty. The report includes the outcomes and solutions of the roundtable discussions on the key challenges facing (1) wealth creation and productivity and (2) sustainable and inclusive growth.

September 2017 - English Devolution, Economic Development and Industrial Strategy: Lessons for Scotland

On 26 September 2017, EDAS held an event at GCVS to explore Scottish spatial policy changes and learn from the English devolution landscape.

May 2017 - Workplace Innovation in Scotland

On 30 May 2017, EDAS and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute held an event to explore the Scottish approach to workplace innovation.

March 2017 - Internationalisation Learning Workshop Part 1: Exporting

On Friday 31st March 2017, internationalisation experts from the Scottish Government, local authorities, academia, social enterprise and the private sector gathered to discuss strategies and support for growing the global aspirations of businesses and organisations in Scotland.

March 2017 - Practical Benefits of the Circular Economy

On 17 March 2017, EDAS and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute held an event to highlight the economic benefits of and to advocate support for circular economy practices. 

December 2016 - EDAS / SLAED Conference 2016 

Under the title of 'Leading Economic Development Transformation – From National to Local', key “asks” were developed for the consideration of the Scottish Government and economic development community. 

October 2016 - Scotland's Economy and Brexit

On Tuesday 4 October 2016, EDAS hosted an event examining the implications of the UK vote to leave the European Union for Scotland’s economy and economic development practitioners. The event took place in the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.

June 2016EDAS AGM 2016 - Scotland’s Economy and the European Union: A Time for Reflection

On Friday 17 June EDAS held its AGM as part of a special event entitled “Scotland’s Economy and the European Union: A Time for Reflection”.

April 2016Launch of "Culture, Outlook and Scottish Internationalisation"

On Thursday 28 April 2016, the Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS) held the launch of an agenda-setting publication written by eight leading figures from business, media, the public sector and academia concerning the internationalisation of the Scottish economy.

March 2016Innovation in Action: Learning the Lessons for Scotland’s Economy

On 21 March 2016 at the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Strathclyde University, key stakeholders in innovation policy and practice in Scotland met to learn about examples of innovation activity boosting the Scottish economy, and how this can be supported.

February 2016Skills Event II: Equity and Employment in the Scottish Labour Market

On Friday 26th February a series of expert speakers were invited to present the latest research and case studies on equity in the Scottish labour market, and what more can be done to guarantee inclusive and equitable employment.

December 2015 - Global Opportunities for Scottish Business

On Thursday 17th December 2015 global directors of Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise gave their expert insight on the opportunities, challenges and practical issues for Scottish businesses operating in and looking to enter international markets.

November 2015 - Scotland's Economic Strategy in the Highlands and Islands

On Monday 30 November 2015 in Inverness, EDAS, Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise held a joint event on Scotland’s Economic Strategy in the Highlands and Islands.

November 2015 - Skills Event I: Underemployment and Workforce Planning in Scotland

On Friday 6th November 2015, EDAS invited an expert panel to present the latest knowledge and contemporary case studies on workforce planning and underemployment in Scotland - key issues for the skills agenda and Scotland's economy.

October 2015 - Building New Local Economies: Lessons from the United States

On Friday 30th October EDAS held an event in Edinburgh with the Centre for Local Economic Strategies to discuss the building of local economic strategies in Scotland which promote both economic progress and social well-being.

June 2015 - Innovation and Prosperity for Scotland Conference 2015

On 23 June 2015 over 200 stakeholders representing a range of organisations and sectors met for the Innovation and Prosperity for Scotland Conference, organised by EDAS and innovation charity Nesta. The event took place at the Dynamic Earth science centre, adjacent to the Scottish Parliament.

May 2015 - EDAS AGM 2015 & Scotland's Economy Sessions Launch

The report of the Economic Development Association Scotland's (EDAS) AGM and the launch of the first Scotland's Economy Session in Edinburgh on 29 May 2015.