Introduction to Local Economic Development CPD Course

4 March 2020 (08:45 - 16:00)
Apex House, 99 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD

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Course description

These are times of great economic change:

  • The centre of gravity in terms of economic power is shifting quickly and dramatically to economies such as China, India and other smaller Asian economic powerhouses.
  • The digital revolution is already transforming what can be produced and how it can be produced, with major implications for the nature of work.
  • Major political developments which might have significant economic impacts of dominating events, with trade wars looming, and Brexit growing ever closer.
  • In the meantime, the UK and other European economies are stuck in our global growth position.

In the circumstances, it is challenging for people involved in local economic development to work out what’s best to be done. Uncertainty casts a heavy cloud over local and regional economies. However, this simply means that local economic development professionals need to be more up to speed with what is going on and how best to respond.

This one-day course on Introduction to Local Economic Development is designed for people new to the role in local authorities, regional and national agencies and other organisations. It will cover key policies and strategies, and institutional arrangements, relevant to the Scottish setting. There will then consider some of the underlying economic issues and key drivers in relation to maximising potential of businesses, people and places.


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