Introduction to Appraisal and Evaluation with Prof Graeme Roy (online)

Wednesday 25 November (10am – 12noon)
Wednesday 2 December (10am – 12noon)
Wednesday 9 December (10am – 12noon)

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Course description 

Effective evaluation and appraisal are crucial elements of the project and programme development lifecycle, and should form part of the development and planning of an intervention from the start. They help to inform how scarce public resources should be invested; assist in measuring the anticipated impacts and returns; and support the responsible and transparent management of these resources.

This course provides an accessible introduction into economic appraisal and evaluation, helping participants to understand key concepts, as well as recognising good practice and pitfalls.

The course assumes no formal training in economics but would ideally suit people working – or with some experience – in economic development or an economic policy environment.


The course takes place over a 3-week period online: 

Wednesday 25 November (10am – 12noon)
Wednesday 2 December (10am – 12noon)
Wednesday 9 December (10am – 12noon)


Is it right for me?

Suitable for individuals working in economic development or an economic policy environment who are looking to carry out economic appraisals and evaluation exercises or are seeking to commission such work from consultants. In particular this course will support individuals that are involved in the development of HM Treasury Green Book compliant Business Cases (“five case model”) for City and Regional Deals. It is also suitable for individuals who, whilst not directly involved in economic evaluation and appraisal exercises, may be operating at a more strategic level where best value and financial accountability is key.


Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the course you will –

  • Understand the role and value of economic appraisal and evaluation in the public policy process.
  • Be able to advise on what constitutes 'value for money'.
  • Understand how to measure costs and benefits of different policies, including practical methods to value non-market goods and services.
  • Be aware of the key stages in an effective evaluation and appraisal as defined in HM Treasury Green Book.
  • Have a working knowledge of the techniques upon which appraisal and evaluation of economic developments and policies should be based.
  • Be able to develop a framework for monitoring and evaluating economic policy interventions.
  • Be confident in commissioning, interpreting and assessing economic appraisal and evaluation reports undertaken by outside analysts, such as consultants or other organisations.

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