Internationalisation is one of the three focus areas of the EDAS Route Map for Common Ambition.

As part of the Route Map for Common Ambition, The EDAS Internationalisation Group, chaired by Susan Love, Policy Manager for Scotland at the Federation of Small Businesses, focused on the issue of how to engender an international outlook and culture as the backdrop to successful internationalisation. The group addressed issues such as education, culture, media and languages. 


Culture, Outlook and Scottish Internationalisation

The EDAS Internationalisation Group invited eight expert authors to write on a key issue around Scottish internationalisation and how this connects to the theme of culture and outlook. A formal launch of the resulting publication - Culture, Outlook and Scottish Internationalisation - took place on 28 April 2016 with the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Cultural Relations, and was supported by Scottish Development International. We were delighted to be joined by authors of the articles, as well as key internationalisation stakeholders from the public, private, academic and third sectors. The launch was covered in the Scotsman. A report of the event will is available on our Storify page

The publication focuses on how engendering a shift in Scotland's outlook could boost our trade and engagement with the wider world. The authors of Culture, Outlook and Scottish Internationalisation are:

Keith Aitken - Freelance Journalist, formerly of the Scotsman

Professor Paul Bishop - William Jacks Chair of Modern Languages, University of Glasgow

Dame Sue Bruce - Former Chief Executive of Edinburgh City Council

Fiona Fraser - Digital and Marketing Manager for Women's Enterprise Scotland

Robert Pollock - Chair, EDAS

David Scrimgeour MBE - Former SE Director of Investment, Germany & Austria

Dr Derek Shepherd - Former Managing Director, Aggreko

Dr Fabian Zuleeg - Chief Executive & Chief Economist, European Policy Centre 


Global Opportunities for Scottish Business 17 December 2015

On Thursday 17th December 2015 global directors of Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise gave their expert insight on the opportunities, challenges and practical issues for Scottish businesses operating in and looking to enter international markets. Read the Storify report from the event.