EDAS / SLAED Conference 2017



EDAS / SLAED Conference 2017

Economic Development in a Time of Radical Uncertainty

2nd November 2017, Perth Concert Hall


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This year’s joint EDAS and SLAED conference brought together professionals from public, private and third sectors to discuss delivering economic development priorities in a time of radical uncertainty. 

Managing uncertainty - economic, social, technological, political - is emerging as a daunting challenge and the event will provide the economic development community the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and senior practitioners and, in turn, to collectively discuss and identify ways to respond. Mervyn King, the former Governor of the Bank of England, stated in his recent book that "radical uncertainty" in economies and financial markets means that new ways of managing the unknown need to be adopted. The need to manage extreme uncertainty also applies pressingly to our economic development community and the services and projects we deliver.

The format of the one-day conference was innovative and aimed to identifying ways in which Scotland's economic development community could develop strategies and approaches to deliver on Scotland's ambition of enhancing productivity and inclusive, sustainable growth in our highly uncertain environment. Key note speakers in the morning and afternoon set the scene for interactive "Question Time" sessions, prior to round-table facilitated discussions relating to strategic planning, future proofing and engendering resilience to deliver on our economic development priorities. The morning considered managing uncertainty in the context of productivity and wealth creation and the afternoon in regard to inclusive and sustainable growth.

As in previous years, the line-up of speakers included notable thought leaders and senior practitioners, setting the scene for our discussion, interaction and identification of ideas and potential solutions.


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