Directors and Executive Staff

EDAS has a Board of 14 directors who are responsible for all aspects of strategic direction and financial management. The Board comprises:

  • Robert Pollock, EDAS, Chair
  • Stuart Black, Director of Development and Infrastructure, Highland Council
  • Ishabel Bremner, Argyll and Bute Council
  • Nicola Douglas, Highlands and Islands Enterprise 
  • Suzanne Hamilton, Frontline
  • Donald Jarvie, Former Head of Scotland’s Futures Forum, The Scottish Parliament
  • Chris Kelly, EKOS
  • Susan Love, FSB Scotland
  • Hazel Mackie, Principal Officer, Economic Development, Falkirk Council
  • Liz McEntee, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector
  • Ewan Mearns, Scottish Enterprise 
  • Taylor Stewart, Skills Development Scotland
  • Hannah Smith, Scottish Renewables
  • Charlie Woods, Scottish Universities Insight Institute

Executive Staff

Brightstar (Scotland) Limited provides the executive support for all aspects of EDAS operations; with responsibility for organising the events programme, membership recruitment, handling the finances and coordinating the activities of the Board.