Aims and Objectives

EDAS aims to facilitate a substantial improvement in the effectiveness of economic development activity in Scotland through raising the knowledge, skills and networks of those involved in all aspects of economic development.

At the beginning of 2016 EDAS finalised the Route Map for Common Ambition for Scotland – a policy analysis framework designed to ensure key aspects of Scottish economic development are kept at the forefront of debate, analysis and comment. We now look forward to the dissemination of the final outputs and key messages from the Route Map, which will be presented for consideration at our events and activities through Scotland. The Route Map promotes the twin goals of enhanced productivity and equity; with particular focus on three key policy areas: innovation, internationalisation and skills.

As part of the Route Map process, EDAS aims to:

  • raise the capability of economic development practitioners
  • form a common understanding on effective economic development across all organisations involved in economic development
  • encourage positive partnerships and forward thinking
  • disseminate good practice throughout the profession
  • influence and develop relevant policy to improve the effectiveness of economic development.

Throughout all activity, EDAS aims to adopt the following working practices:

  • be membership driven
  • be inclusive to all those with any interest in economic development
  • continuously improve our activities
  • continuously strive for improvements in economic development in Scotland
  • be recognised as the “ONE” organisation that everyone interested in economic development MUST join
  • have an international perspective, directed to Scottish issues
  • be a respected authority on good practice in economic development presenting an independent and informed view
  • present good value for money.